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Civil Process Software Document and Permit Management

A complete solution for the civil office. Paper service entry and tracking with a mobile interface for serving officers. Automated checks of jail population for parties to be served reducing unnecessary service attempts to already incarcerated persons. Income and property executions (garnishments) are fully supported with full accounting and banking services. Gun or Pistol permits are maintained with automated State and NCIC background checks.


Civil Process Software

  • A complete solution for the civil office.
  • Paper enter, service, return and fee processing
  • Complete with return documents, affidavits, statements.
  • Queries or notifications always available to officers
  • Automatic warnings anywhere a warrant target name is references in Civil, RMS, Mobile and Dispatch
  • Follow-up list to ensure timely, accurate issuance.
  • Specific format printing options for certificates and cards.

Cash and Bank Management

  • Disbursement on varying schedules to suit agency
  • Miscellaneous Fee collection and receipts
  • Check writing
  • Letters and envelopes
  • County Treasurer’s funds
  • Full accounting and bank reconciliation.
  • Export available for other accounting systems.